Vitalii Ivashkov the Lawyer

the Baltic Lawyer Association named after Anatolii Sobchak
Vitalii Ivashkov - the Lawyer

Types of legal services

Criminal law

  • Criminal – legal consequences warning;
  • Representation of clients’ interests in criminal cases at all stages of the process:
    • Economic crime and corruption crime (article 158 – 204.2. Criminal Code; article 275 – 330.2. Criminal Code);
    • Crimes against the person (articles 105 – 157 of the Criminal Code);
    • Crimes against public safety and public order (articles 205 – 274 of the Criminal Code).


  • 1 year the coroner banditry investigation and activities of criminal organizations;
  • 4 years the head of Economic investigation Department and tax crimes.

Fiscal and Customs Laws

  • Tax and Customs advising;
  • Tax and Customs audit support, inspection results challenging.


  • 5 years the head of Interdistrict IFTS legal Department № 16 in Saint – Petersburg;
  • 2 years the management of Tax and Customs Department, Customs broker ZAO (close joint-stock company) "Greenway"

Civil and Corporate Laws

  • Standard and non- standard contracts drawing up for commercial activities (including foreign trade contracts);
  • Stakeholders' negotiation ensuring;
  • Pre-trial dispute settlement;
  • Representation of legal entities in Arbitration courts (including bankruptcy proceedings) and in General Jurisdiction courts.
  • Legal issues consultations (written and oral).


  • 2 years the management of PLC (Public Limited Corporation) "GC Development Group" Department (hypermarket Grand Canyon);
  • 3 years the companies – importers, construction companies support (operated by government contracts).

Other professional sectors

  • Inheritance law;
  • Divorce and property division;
  • Land and property;
  • Consumer rights protection;
  • Copyright.


Lawyer consultation 7 000
Legal opinion drawing up 10 000
The attorney (investigation, negotiation, trial) 15 000
Petition drawing up or reference, counterclaim (defence) 15 000
Appeal preparation, cassation and Supervisory appeal (complaint) 30 000
Contract legal examination and other documents; drawing up contacts 10 000
Civil cases in General Jurisdiction Court (depending on process complexity and duration 50 000
The arbitral procedure (depending on process complexity and duration) 50 000
Criminal case (depending on complexity) 700 000

Price (rubles)

Ready to offer clients as a separate legal services and integrated subscription service with a monthly fixed payment

The office

To clarify the cost of services you can call +7 (921) 647-99-77 or in the office at the address: 1-3, Kammennoostrovsky Prospekt, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.